Monday, March 09, 2009


John 6:11 Jesus therefore took the loves and having given thanks, He distributed to those who were seated, likewise also of the fish, AS MUCH AS THEY WANTED.

When Jesus sees a need, He already has the picture of provision in his mind. It isn't the meager solutionz offered by his (CFO) Philip, who said that they only had 200 days of wages in the coffer, which wouldn't be enough for the food. Jesus saw abundance - everyone being fed as much as they wanted.

Lord, I see that I keep asking for the meager and have been limited by lack. I need to embrace the God of John 5:21 who raises the dead. This is not a past tense God that we serve.

We need both provision and abundance in our lives. We need clarity of direction, focus and peace. While we will work hard, we no longer believe that it is your desire for that work to return void.

Fill the baskets miraculously Lord, so that out of the 12 remaining baskets of crumbs we can feed others. We want to give Lord. It is your heart in us that makes it so. Fulfill your word today. We are ready!

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