Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rainy Reflections - Our own personal miracle/breakthrough

For those that have been following my blog, you will know that our kids have been going through a bit of a transition in moving from Montessori environment to a more traditional type of school.

For Sergey, Montessori did not provide enough structure and because they combined 3, 4 and 5 year olds in kindergarten, he didn't get proper training for 1st grade. So this year, he is repeating kindergarten at his new school. Recognizing the situation was the first breakthrough and acting on it, by moving him to a new, more structured school environment has produced his own personal miracle. He is enjoying school and working hard. By the end of this year, he will be ready for the challenge of first grade and that transition will be much easier than if we had ignored the situation and just moved him up.

Kiera on the other hand, loved Montessori and excelled in the less structured environment. Unfortunately, the transition to the new school has exposed the weakness in the old environment where she was "handheld" through much of the learning process and although there are things about Montessori that encouraged independence, it did not produce the kind of discipline that she needs in the new school.

This morning before church, Kiera was having trouble studying and doing her homework. It was as if a dark cloud lay over her. At church I was talking to several people about how hard it was for her and one of our friends, Thristene, offered to pray with her.

On the way home from church, after praying for a breakthrough, Kiera was commenting on the sky (it was raining really hard when we came out) and how grey it was. I mentioned to her that behind it was blue sky, even though she couldn't see it and that it was just like with the homework -- now it seems grey, but with her hard work will come the "A" that is right behind the clouds.

I recall thinking as I said it, that I wished that the clouds would open up just a bit so that she could see the analogy, but thought it was hopeless (as I'm sure Kiera was feeling about learning math and science this week). Just then, our own personal miracle occurred. All over the sky, the clouds just broke up and bright blue sky appeared and the clouds that had been grey, turned fluffy! It was amazing!!!

God is so good. He cares about homework and 8 year old girls and loves to demonstrate His love through His creation.

So let's look at the spiritual side of this life lesson. When we try to do things under our own steam (ie. without God's help), things can look very gloomy and even downright depressing. But when we ask for His insights, he removes the veil and allows us to see clearly.

Lord, this week I ask for your clarity of vision for Kiera and Sergey in school -- that they would remember the things that they have studied and be thankful for the wisdom that you have given to them. Give Michael, Fidelia and I the patience to work with them and teach them all that you want them to know, in addition to what is required of them at school.

Continue to place your hand on our lives and on our business.

And thank you for the sunshine and the fluffy clouds.

Chicke Fitzgerald

Chicke Fitzgerald

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Esperanza Mas said...

Blue Skies Behind the Dark Clouds

Mom, this will probably only make sense to you because you know my story quite well.

Sometimes, life seems to lead unavoidably towards a dangerous path that we tremble at the thought of losings things we have achieved or successes we have expereinced before.

Just like Kiera, I felt hopeless at one point or another last year because time was running out on me. Life events and the laws of men seemed stronger than my dreams. Right after my break up with Randy, I placed my life and my destiny so to speak - for I do not believe in destiny as a given - in the hands of our Mighty God. I asked Him in prayer that if it was His wish I would go back home in peace. Life was far too precious to gamble it even for my dearest dreams. I asked Jehova to work His miracle in His own time and to grant me peace in my waiting time.

As many times before, He opened the blue skies behind the dark and treatening clouds before my eyes so fast I had to make sure I was awake. The rest of the story is familiar to you. Jehova has touched my life once more with a miracle, the miracle of True Love.

Today, I thank you God for giving me strength and wisdom to step back and allow Him to work His blessings and His plans in His own time.

I thank you for the patience and time you have taken to share my tears and my joys through this journey of life, disappointment, hope, and happiness.

I love you mom. May God bless you always.