Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Proverbs 4 - The Map to Righteous Road

Lest we be confused about where Solomon stands, this chapter reiterates over and over that we must seek Wisdom in all that we do.

Verse 7-9 Never walk away from Wisdom—she guards your life;
love her—she keeps her eye on you.
Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom!
Write this at the top of your list: Get Understanding!
Throw your arms around her—believe me, you won't regret it;
never let her go—she'll make your life glorious.
She'll garland your life with grace,
she'll festoon your days with beauty."

Solomon lays out a clear map for us to follow:

10-15 Dear friend, take my advice;
it will add years to your life.
I'm writing out clear directions to Wisdom Way,
I'm drawing a map to Righteous Road.
I don't want you ending up in blind alleys,
or wasting time making wrong turns.
Hold tight to good advice; don't relax your grip.
Guard it well—your life is at stake!
Don't take Wicked Bypass;
don't so much as set foot on that road.
Stay clear of it; give it a wide berth.
Make a detour and be on your way.

And at the end of the chapter, he reminds us that our heart is our compass on life's road:

23 Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that's where life starts.

Many things come at us, to distract our heart from staying on task. We get discouraged, angry, frustrated and distracted in the course of each day as various things come at us. Solomon's final advice to us in this chapter is:

24 - 26 Keep your eyes straight ahead;
ignore all sideshow distractions.
Watch your step,
and the road will stretch out smooth before you.
Look neither right nor left;
leave evil in the dust.

Lord, keep me focused on you today and on the path that you have set for me. Keep the kids safe and healthy. Show us your heart and teach us how to love.

Chicke Fitzgerald
Chicke Fitzgerald

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