Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekly Reflections - Communication and Homework!

The Lord has been dealing me with how we all communicate together in our family. Expectations, even those as simple and mundane as when to do something or when to be ready to go somewhere or who is responsible for something like homework, when unspoken can create strife and even chaos.

This morning was the first Monday after the first full week of school for our kids. While the children's nanny regularly does homework with them after school each day, normally in their previous school, they didn't have weekend homework. Well, this morning, we looked in Kiera's binder (way too late I might add) and found that there was homework that was not done from last week. The bottom line was that Kiera forgot about it and we didn't provide the safety net for her in checking it earlier in the weekend when we could have done something about it.

A valuable lesson was learned by all, but a painful one for an 8 year old that doesn't yet have a solid relationship with her new teacher.

Lord, help Kiera to learn how to ask for help and how to not be embarassed in front of her new friends. Ease her frustration and help us to help her succeed, instead of being quick to point out her failures and not accepting our role in managing the change that she is experiencing.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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