Monday, August 11, 2008


You've been there. Someone tells you that they have a surprise and asks you to close your eyes. Or they put their hands over your eyes, get you to move within view of what they have for you to see and then they take their hands off of your eyes and show it to you. That moment holds great delight for both of you. Quite often there was a lot of planning behind getting things in place, or even keeping it a secret.

Some of you like surprises, others can't stand not knowing and rather than the smile you see here on the man's face, it actually makes you terribly uncomfortable, particularly when someone else is guiding you along when your eyes are closed.

Faith should be a delight, just like what you see on these two faces.

Today I feel like God is the one with the surprise. He has something that he is maneuvering me over to see. I can feel his hands over my eyes and can sense his gentle nudging in the direction that he has for me.

It is easy to revert to feeling uncomfortable, even manipulated or kept in the dark, but I know Him so well that I know that what He has for me is not only good, but that I will truly delight in the unveiling of what he has prepared for me.

waiting, with a smile on my face and his hands over my eyes.....

Chicke Fitzgerald

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