Friday, June 28, 2013

Every breath counts

Although death is an everyday part of life, unless you work in hospice care, most of us do not get to see what is called "active death".

The past few weeks we have been watching the rapid decline of my mother-in-law, Julia, who was diagnosed just three short weeks ago with pancreatic cancer.

Today, the hospice nurse told us that she is now actively dying. So we continue to sit and wait. Her breath is very erratic, even as I write.

Breath of life now has new meaning.

As the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, I grew up with traditional hymns. Although I now attend a non-denominational church and prefer contemporary worship, I remember the old Hymn Breathe on me Breath of God, Fill me with life anew.

I pray for her tonight that she would be filled with new life.

Now, one of my favorites is John Waller's Breathe on Me. Listen and be renewed and refreshed.

Hover over me
fill me spirit, breathe on me

I want to walk in signs and wonders
I want to speak with tongues of angels

Breathe on me
sprit I receive
empower me to be your witness
rest on me and Jesus let me see
even greater things than these
when you breathe

Let me bind up the broken hearted
I want the world to see your power

I believe, I receive everything you have for me

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