Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Girl's Guide to Life by Katie Meier

Are you parenting a teenage girl?  Before I begin by offering my condolences, I will remind myself that I am just a few years away from being in your shoes.  So I will offer something much more substantial that you will hopefully return in a few short years.

I just finished reviewing "A Girl's Guide to Life" by Katie Meier, and if your daughter is already "falling in love" routinely, this is a great book for her!  I found it a little advanced for my 12 year old, but know I'll be pulling it out again soon.

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The book is divided into three parts, Mind, Body and Soul and each chapter has a practical layout with places for your daughter to personalize her own experience in each area.  It also includes "Big Myths and the Real Deal", hitting many tough subjects head-on. 

Katie Meier addresses everything from prejudice and perceptions to sex and sexuality and everything in between.  She ends the book with "Who You'll Choose To Be".  I like the fact that she reinforces that who you are is a choice and that it isn't about what you like to do, but who you really are inside. 

As the sub-title says, this book is the truth on growing up, being true and making your teen years fabulous.  I can only hope that mom and dad benefit from the learning that a teen girl gets from the book and that it will minimize the need for condolences when my 12 year old is ready for this book!

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