Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm back - Today's topic: It isn't ours

After a long time of not blogging about what is the single most important thing in my life - my faith, I am back. I've been very busy, but know that in order to get proper momentum, reduce friction and to get really focused, I have to come back to my core. That core is the "owner's manual" for my life - the love letters written by my Creator.  In short, I need to slow down before I speed up.

I was not created without a plan. Every step of my life has been ordered. Psalm 139 outlines that so clearly for me.

The text for today's topic is 1 Chronicles 29:12:12

11 Yours, O LORD, is the greatness,
The power and the glory,
The victory and the majesty;
For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours;
Yours is the kingdom, O LORD,
And You are exalted as head over all.

12 Both riches and honor come from You,
And You reign over all.
In Your hand is power and might;
In Your hand it is to make great
And to give strength to all.

David made this final prayer public after amassing hundreds of tons of gold, silver and precious gems and stone for the temple. He acknowledged God as the source, HIS source when he clearly could have touted his own wisdom and strength.

Nothing that I have belongs to me. Not even the banks own our house, our cars or our boat. They all sit in the hands of God. It is in His hands that we are exalted and favored or are bankrupt.

Lord, I sit at your feet, astounded at your mercy and amazed by your grace. Thank you that Jesus died for me, so that I might escape the hands of justice where my sins bring down judgement on me.

You are exalted Lord. Thank you for the Kingdom of heaven that is not visible, but that is in control of my every move and my every venture.

There is power in understanding "whose" you are, even when you think that there is security in "who" you are. David knew that and gave honor where honor was due. He was known as a man after God's own heart.

I am after you Lord God. You are my Jehovah Jirah, my provider.

Chicke Fitzgerald, Tampa, FL

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