Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The spiritual side of the Word of Mouth Media Relationship Ladder - Rung #1 Spiritual SPAM

This week I started a series of posts about the Word of Mouth Media relationship ladder on my various blogs (www.wordofmouthmedia.blogspot.com being one).

It occurred to me that while I'm talking about social media and how it is used and misused, that there is also a spiritual side of this discussion.

You see it all the time. The people who use the moniker "Christian" or even "Born Again". Now, make no mistake, I am a believer that uses those terms as well, but at the same time, I realize the alienating nature of some of the language that believers use to communicate.

We want everyone to know about God's love and His power and the transformational power of accepting the supreme sacrifice that He made when He sent His Son to earth to stand in the gap for us, when we couldn't stand up for our own behavior.

But all too often, we SPAM those that we are trying to reach by not taking to them in their terms and by taking the time to establish relationship.

The most stark example of SPAM in the physical world would be going up to a homeless person, handing them a tract or a book about God's love and leaving them hungry, thirsty, cold [or hot as the case may be here in Florida]. Online, spiritual SPAM can be as simple as talking in ultra-spiritual terms or quoting scripture from a version of the Bible that speaks in terms that are not in common use, without having any dialogue with them to find out where they are and what they are thinking.

None of us want to be spiritual spammers.

What we really want is to introduce everyone that we know to the One that made gave us a clean heart, the one that we want to "press into". That terminology is used to describe not only relationship, but intimacy. In the spiritual version of the Word of Mouth Media relationship ladder, the top rung isn't reputation, it is intimacy. Enjoy this unchoreographed dance to Isa Couvertier's Pressing into You that demonstrates the spontaneous expression of that intimacy.

Stay tuned.

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