Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Direction

Do you sometimes feel like you are facing a sign post with multiple directions? I do.

I am a serial entrepreneur that often is faced with multiple opportunities at the same time. And often, they are all exciting and get me jazzed.

But alas, as with a fork in the road with signs, you can't keep moving and chase multiple directions. I'm quite sure that there is a scripture reference that addresses that. Probably in Proverbs.... but this morning, I'm working on getting focused. Really focused on the plan that God has for me today.

Psalm 139 says that every day of my life is ordered. That means that if I listen closely, God's spirit will nudge me toward the right direction -- to avoid pain, to be as successful as I can possibly be, to be available for the next fork in the road, to be available for someone that needs me down this particular path.

I'm ready. I want to be on the right path. Nudge me Lord! I'm yours.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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