Friday, July 13, 2007


Passion is a funny thing. It can mean so many things. It is hopefully obvious to all that know me that I am passionate about my love for my husband and my children. At times I am passionate about my work or about a movie that I've seen or a particular red wine that has just the right amount of spice and fruit.

In one of my favorite songs by Isa Couvertier called My Passion she describes her passion for her Lord. I know it may seem really foreign to those that don't consider themselves at all religious, but there is nothing like the passion for the one that I owe everything to. The song says "who can compare with you?" and declares "you are so beautiful to me!".

Think about loving the way the wind feels on your face when you are riding down the highway on a sunny day in a convertible. It is really very similar to that. Just as you can't see the wind, but can see its effects, so is the way of God in my life. I can't see Him, but the effects on my life are as clear as day to me.

Today I thank God for the people that He has brought into my life (or back in my life) this week. I don't always know how it will play out, but I am SO thankful that He is in control and not me. I am passionate about the possibilities!

Chicke Fitzgerald - one who seeks His face

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