Saturday, April 07, 2007

This morning on the eve of Easter, after a busy week on the road, I was thinking about how curious it is that the world can so easily dismiss the existence of a personal, living God.

It would be unusual to look at a gorgeous house and not know that somewhere there was an architect or eat a delicious dessert and wonder who the pastry chef was, or view a spectacular painting and look for the signature of the artist. Yet every day we see the wonders of God's creation, not only in nature, but in the tiny hands and sweet faces of newborn babies or in the miracle of our spouses or partners who know us and still love us! We mark time from the birth of His son and we joyously celebrate His resurrection on Easter. Yet for so many, He doesn't touch and make a difference in their lives.

My sister-in-law sent the following link to us today for a wonderful powerpoint that reminds us of God's perspective on us.

I share it with you hoping that you are touched this Easter season in a special way that gives you peace and provides you practical direction for each day.


Chicke Fitzgerald

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