Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tangible Faith

Matthew 17 20:21 I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I have a daughter that is 8 1/2 and a son that is 6 1/2. When they pray, they know that God will answer. The faith that a child is able to have is unconstrained by life experiences and disappointment and most of all, it is unconstrained by self.

Yesterday, in the midst of a particularly difficult trial in my life, one of my friends from church admonished me to "Stand back and let God be God". It occurred to me that as long as I continue to look for solutions, that I continue to get in his way.

Have you ever had a child try to help you cook? You know what you are trying to accomplish and they have their own way of thinking and doing and they just keep getting in the way and in fact, sometimes they downright mess things up, both figuratively and literally. So as a parent, you patiently wait for them to finish, you gently redo that which they messed up and you clean up the mess left behind. Sometimes you may get frustrated and just say "stand back and let the chef be the chef". You get the picture.

God IS God. He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has the recipe and truly, it will turn out better if we just stand back and let God be God.

He can move mountains. We only need to ask and believe that He is capable. He feeds the birds, how much more will He take care of His children.

Today I speak to the mountain in my life. And I thank God that it is in the process of being moved. I eagerly await the outcome of His plan. It is tangible and it is good.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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Esperanza Mas said...

About letting "God be God"

He loves us so much that He has given us free will. He has endless Love and patience to even let us spoil the recipe so that we learn through experience. In the end, when things become larger than our vision and our strength, He steps in to clean up the mess we have created and gently retrace the path He know is better for us. Even at that point, He still allows us free will.

I see the analogy of the parent and the child trying to cook a meal in my relatiosnhip with previous significant others in the past. In the end, He brought into my life a man much better than my dream prince. I thank you Jehova for allowing me to learn through experience... because of those expereinces, I learned to value the qualities that make an individual who he is; I "can see" the essence that makes a man or a woman instead of the artificial and fast passing outside characteristics.

Today, I thank you God for the chance to experience a wide variety of relationships, for through them I have learned to value the essence rather than the box that hides the present itself.

Today I thank you Jehova for all the people I have met and cared about in a special way in the past, but mainly, I thank you Him for his priceless gift in my life - the chance to share my life with a man that has an open heart for His Love and His direction in our lives. Thank you God for my fiance.

Thank you for your Amazing Grace and all the friends I have and the family you gave me as a gift, a family by choice.

How awesome is your name an may we all rejoice in the blessing of knowing you and seeing your work in our lives.