Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Genesis 3 - Sent out from the garden
Our church is studying Genesis this month. I've been long absent from our regular study and am anxious to get back into regular blogging, setting aside the beginning of my day (or the end as the case may be) to that which is most important to me and that which feeds me.

This passage of Genesis is a bitter one - Adam and Eve, having chosen to listen to the father of all lies, are cast out of the presence of their Creator for listening to the lies of the serpent -- the enemy.

How often do we listen to lies from all parts of our lives. The inner lies -- doubts about our abilities or lies about what others think about us or what we can accomplish, or the pressures of the world -- urging us to focus on everything temporal and nothing spiritual. We cling to what can easily be washed away versus those things that are everlasting. What are we thinking when we make that choice ????

The good news is that while we read this story of abandonment -- of Adam and Eve and their Creator, of the Creator of his creation due to their poor decisions -- we live instead in hope.

Genesis by its very meaning is a new beginning. Every day we face a new beginning for our lives -- the sun rises with that promise.

I am so thankful for the perpetual sunrise in my life. As I invariably fail [from time to time], each day brings the promise of encouragement, of acceptance and of new opportunities to be all that He created me to be. I live with His gifts and His grace. Without that, I am empty.

Today I realized that for One who is responsible for keeping the planets spinning carefully in orbit, that keeping my life and my business in tune is child's play. I am confident entrusting my future to the creator of the Universe.

My spirituality is not something to be segregated from my business life. It is who I am, to the core. My decisions are driven by my faith in my Creator. My ability to face tough decisions and tough times are because I know that there is a grand Plan and that as long as I serve Him, I can live in the absolute comfort of being in the center of His will. That is the definition of peace and I am happy to live in His favor so that I can enjoy His peace that absolutely passes all understanding.

2006 was a challenging year and 2007 looks to be a bit of an uphill battle. But I don't enter the battle alone. My God and king owns the cattle on 10,000 hills and I draw upon His resources, not my own to meet the challenges ahead. He has promised that this will be a harvest year and I am READY!!!

May those that read this blog be blessed and somehow through my words or through my life may you know Him better and find peace in your life.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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